I am currently Director of Maker Initiatives for US2020, an initiative of Citizen Schools. Working with US2020's network of 22 communities, I'm focused on expanding and deepening opportunities for maker centered learning for all students and families.  As a Senior Program Fellow at Infosys Foundation USA, I support the Foundation’s maker education portfolio. I’m a founding Board Member of Nation of Makers and a Ph.D. candidate in Information Science at Cornell University where my dissertation research explores the IP issues related to 3D printing.

From 2014-2016 , I served as the first Senior Advisor for Making at the White House, where I helped develop President Obama’s Nation of Makers initiative, to broaden access to the Maker Movement. This included planning the first-ever White House Maker Faire and the National Week of Making.

As Senior Advisor for Making, I worked closely with federal agencies, mayors, maker spaces, libraries, museums, companies, foundations, universities and K-12 schools, creating more opportunities for individuals to engage in community based problem solving, fostering entrepreneurship, expanding local manufacturing and broadening access to hands-on, real-world learning for students. 

I have also been a Program Fellow at the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation where I helped ramp up the first year of the Moore Inventor Fellows program, a ten-year, $34 million program aimed at supporting early-career innovators with promising inventions addressing pressing issues in science, environmental conservation and patient care.

The Makers for Global Good Summit was an event I co-organized to bring together inspiring makers who are tackling really big problems both locally and globally. Another initiative I've been involved in that is empowering communities through making is California Community Colleges CCC Maker initiative, which focuses on entrepreneurship and workforce development.

As a Maker, I am an avid sewer, have been experimenting with wearable electronics and tinker with 3D printing.

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